Manufacturer Ratings

All of Warranty Direct’s 50,000 live policies are used to build up a particular manufacturer’s ratings into one figure that should expose whether cars from this stable are generally reliable – or maybe not! Perhaps most models lack in a certain area, Audis suspensions might be a case in point. Any manufacturer can introduce the occasional misfit but this rating might give you the confidence to consider a later model edition or an alternative model from the same marque – or satisfy your general misgivings and encourage you to look elsewhere! Due to this being an average a single high or low scoring model can disproportionately affect the result however.

Average Age

This shows you the average age of all the cars included in our information for your specific selection, we would expect claims to increase with age – The maximum age we start a policy on is 10 years old the oldest cars included in our statistics is 12 years – So if you are looking to buy or own an older car expect the cost to go up in line with the mileage.

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